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Seeking the light in all that is dark.

ShopDark Origins

Before ShopDark was born There was Monster Aesthetics, an alternative lifestyle brand focusing on the aesthetics of the darker side of life, designed by artist Trevor Nicholls. Overtime as the desire to collab with other artists, designers and brands came to light, and ShopDark emerged as a "Shop"catering to the same demographic except now carrying / including the addition of other brands, and artist collabs.  Drawing inspiration from the occult, and free thinking communities, ShopDark and MA cater to both the occult worlds of the Magically inclined, as well as the metal, punk rock and alternative subcultures of todays youth from which is was born.

Seek Truth • Question Everything • Live Free

MA History

Born out of the Hardcore, punk & metal music scenes in early 2009, Toronto Canada during a time when an inverted cross was a social faux pas rather than a trend, Monster Aesthetics exploded onto the scene. MA brought a new style of imagery to the apparel market, previously un seen, triggering a new trend among apparel brands across the globe. In the beginning the brand was not so much a brand as an artist side project, consisting of a small collection of personal artwork on tees and posters. With nothing similar currently on the market, upon the release of the designs, shear demand for the product forced the project into a full fledged clothing brand virtually overnight.

Since 2009, MA has been deeply ingrained in the music industry, endorsing bands, sponsoring festivals, MA can be found for sale at shows and events across north America, and in stores world wide.


There is no light without the dark, we are the half that society strays from. MA & ShopDark brings to light the beauty found dark and occult imagery, breaking the social stigmas and dogma’s of todays suppressive society. With a focus on the empowerment of believing in ones self, positive minds, living free of oppression and the message that you can manifest your own reality. In a place where art, fashion, science, politics and magick collide, We aim to influence a better existence on this planet. Our goal is to create iconic and classic pieces to be held for years to come. Quality over Quantity, We all need clothing, and we all need beauty in this world, but fuck consumerism, our goal is to make our garments a staple in your closet. Pushing messages of truth, freedom, and an atheistic form of spirituality through magick and symbolism. One day the world will awaken from the darkness that they hide from and see the light. We aim to play our small roll in awakening the consciousness of the branwashed and confused.

Wake up. Seek truth. Question everything. Live free.